Best Buy, Target entering used-game market

If you didn’t know already, I am not a fan of used-games.  Gamers pay $60 for a game and later sell it back for less than half the game’s price just to see it back on the shelf at Gamestop for $5-10 below retail.  Gamestop seemed to own a ‘Monopoly’ on this used-games market, but it sounds like all that is about to change very soon.  They have serious, new challengers now.. Best Buy and Target.

This week, big-box retailers Best Buy and Target both announced their video game trade-in programs are now open for business. Target’s announcement signals its entrance into the used-game business, while Best Buy had indicated its renewed interest in the used-game market in June.

Target’s entrance into the used-game sector is part of a larger consumer electronics service program that also includes a new product-support helpline and mobile-phone business. As for trading in games, the in-store program is now available in select Northern California shops, and Target plans to roll out the program to more than 800 stores across the country by the end of the year.

Best Buy’s trade-in program lets gamers buy and sell used games in some 500+ stores nationwide beginning at the end of August. While some Best Buy stores will have dedicated trade-in desks, most locations will handle game buybacks at the customer service desk. Customers will receive their compensation in the form of a gift card good for anything in the store, and any used games purchased will be covered by the store’s return policy.

The only good thing about all of this is there is now more competition.  Competition allows for more affordable games and better service.  Hopefully the introduction of these two companies to the used-game market will spice things up a little bit.


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