ACE in the Hole: Will the Real Final Fantasy 13 Please Rise

.. AND SOON!!  You all know what Final Fantasy game I’m talking about.. I’m talking about Final Fantasy 13 Versus and not that other piece of s#!t (forgive my french).  The original Final Fantasy 13 was in development for 5 years, and the result Square-Enix gave us was lackluster to say the least.  I mean let’s look at the facts: it received non-stellar reviews for a Final Fantasy game (receive an 83 on metacritic), the host of characters weren’t well received (particularly Vanille and Hope), the new battle system was visually impressive yet a lot of people felt it made the game easier needing to only control one character, no puzzles and logic to get around, and the very-linear path of the game all lead to a failure for the franchise.  You can find the game in stores now as a used or discounted game only a few months after its release.. especially in Japan.  But no worries, the real Final Fantasy 13 is here.. at least we hope.

The Tokyo Game Show is on the approach and rumors are rolling around in talks of a Final Fantasy Versus gameplay trailer and release date.  Now I know it sounds like I’m putting faith in Square-Enix and that I’m getting my hopes up, but let us take a look at what we know so far.  First off, it is currently a PS3 exclusive and directed by Tetsuya Nomura (Nomura is to Final Fantasy what Kojima is to Metal Gear).  With other stellar and impressive exclusives like Uncharted 2 and God of War 3, Final Fantasy 13 Versus is almost forced to step up to the plate of excellence.  This also allows the FF13V team to focus on perfecting the game for only one console.  Secondly, by the looks of things, this game is going back to its roots.. the ones that Final Fantasy fans value such as open-world adventure, cars and airships, towns, and all the other necessities that the original Final Fantasy 13 forgot.  But the most important thing to me is the tone and cast of the game.  Final Fantasy 13 has a really light, goofy cast that did not connect to the audience, but FF13Versus seems to be a different animal entirely.  The cast seems to be pretty badass, similar to Final Fantasy 7.  The main character alone looks like he may be taking Cloud’s Place as favorite character simply because of his attitude, mystery, and badassness (i know that’s not a word, but there is none other to explain him).  Just watch him run around in this trailer.

All-in-all, FF13Versus looks like the real Final Fantasy 13.. the one that Square-Enix should of released first, and the one that could possibly save the Final Fantasy series’ name.  Unfortunately we can only wait, but I only hope they don’t make us wait for much longer.  But if the pain hurts so bad, I leave you this Final Fantasy 13 Versus clip to ease your suffering.  Until next time guys.


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