Cosplay Picture of the Week August 20-27

Its Kaguara from the anime Gintama!


Fall 2010 New Anime List

Here are all the new animes that will be released for the Fall 2010 anime year (september, october, november)

You will need to click on the picture to get the full size

Which animes catch your eye?

I’ll be looking into Togainu no Chi and Hakuouki 2

Is Playstation Plus Worth it? Continued Point by Point Breakdown!

I see that many people are still curious about this service and would like to learn more about it so here is my point by point breakdown.

Features available at launch:

  1. Exclusive offers
  2. PS Store Discounts
  3. Early access to beta’s and select demos
  4. Full game trials
  5. Automatic Downloads

Exclusive Offers:
First of all, I haven’t seen any exclusive offers even worth noting, and as far as the some of the free content is concerned, that’s just nonsense, because nothing in the subscription is free, that’s why you’re paying for it. Also, both the games & DLC you acquire “for free” become inactive (meaning “can’t be used”) after your subscription period ends, should you choose not to renew. This means you don’t actually get to keep any of your “free” content except for avatars & themes. Not being able to choose my games was a real disappointment because the games you get “for free” are mainly one or two PSP Minis a week  and one monthly full-fledged PSN game which are dated.

PlayStation Store Discounts:

The averaged out savings in the PS + section of the store came out to be about $2.93. Keep in mind these aren’t discounts on everything, only select items. To be fair, a lot of the discounted games and DLC are fun to experience but a few are quite old; having released either early this year or years’ past. If you are a super shopper inside the playstation store and are buying everything from arcade titles to PS Minis to themes and avatars, then it might be a worthy investment because you’ll save a ton of money. But is it really worth it for the average gamer like myself, who doesn’t spend much money in the PS store? At $50 per year with an average savings of $2.93 I would have to purchase roughly 17 pieces of downloadable content to break-even.

Early access to beta’s and select demos:

So far, I haven’t seen to many people who are plus subscribers getting much priority over the free users. When I got the Medal of Honor Closed Beta invite, I may have received it a day or two ahead of one of the free users on my friends list. It really bothers me when I’m paying $50 for a service that only gets me a day or two ahead of everyone else in terms of priority status, I mean, what’s up with that Sony!? This is not how it should be at all. But again, I understand that this is a new service and I am trying to be patient.

As far as the early select demos are concerned, there’s been only one early Plus member demo available so far, which is “Kane & Lynch 2,” and I am totally excited about that game. So I’m thinking this section may end up getting better as time progresses.  PSN Store discounts? Might be worth enough in the long-run, but that’s only if I manage to get that $50 back through discounts over the course of a year, which is very possible. If you view the PlayStation Store and the savings you receive as a Plus Member, they’re not huge savings but they can add up. Here are a few ideas I’ve cooked up that I feel would warrant an investment in Plus:

Full Game Trials:

In my opinion, Full Game Trials are inferior to Game Demos for two reasons.

  • Full Game Trials cost as a part of your subscription while game demos are FREE.
  • Full Game Trials last for only one hour. I need to expand upon this second point.
    • First, lets address the issue of Re-playability. Say you’re considering a purchase of a cool new game. You try out the Full Game Trial for the hour offered but still aren’t sure if you want to buy the game. If you haven’t made your mind up within that hour, you either have to take a chance with a purchase or go the rental route. On the other hand, with a demo you usually have unlimited play-time. The demo itself may be an hour or even only half an hour, but once you’ve finished you can go back and replay the demo over and over again to your heart’s content.
    • In the demo version of inFamous, you get to play through three distinct missions that can easily take you no more than an hour to finish, but because of  the variety it, it provides you with enough content to really wet your taste and help you decide better on whether you want to buy the game or not. Now wouldn’t you say the latter varied gameplay experience is worth more than the tutorial & a taste?

Automatic Downloads:

This feature “Downloads content such as game patches, system software update data, and video items we recommend to you, automatically. This system will start automatically at the scheduled time, and will begin the download.” I do think that this is a cool feature, however, I believe this service should be free to everyone not just subscribers.

Now that Sony is turning a profit on their systems, I believe as time goes by Sony will continue to sweeten their offers. As of now, it has none of those options and so I believe it’s just not worth my purchase. That’s my take.

What do you think?”

Medal of Honor’s Gunfighter Mission

Medal of Honor Executive Producer Greg Goodrich was at Sony’s press conference during the 2010 German Games Convention. While he was on stage, he unveiled a new mission from the single player campaign from Medal of Honor, but he wasn’t the one playing the game for the on-stage demo — he brought a special guest with him. What do you think of it?

Sony Takes On iOS Gaming!

Sony has now gone on the offensive by bashing, quite hilariously in fact, the iPhone’s gaming platform. Sure Apple’s iOS gaming platform might have tens of thousands of titles a finger tap away but Sony as possibly found a major weak spot in its competition: quantity versus quality.

I’ll be honest and admit that even though I’ve owned the original generation of the Sony PSP, I never had many games and never used it as much simply because I’ve never had a good reason to carry it around with me. However, I can see more reasons to use iPhone gaming if your just trying to kill time while waiting in line.  In the three years of owning an iPhone, I’ll admit there isn’t nearly as much depth to the iOS titles as Sony’s PSP titles.  Its games like: Super Monkey Ball, Fieldrunners, Doom, Tap Tap Revenge, Plants vs. Zombies, and Band of Brothers that I can completely say are worthy of competing against the titles that are available on a dedicated gaming platform like the PSP.  If you’re looking for a closer to console gaming experience, then you should totally go with the PSP.

However, the main concern you should have when deciding whether to get a PSP or an iPhone is that most PSP titles cost much more than the average app on the app store. One PSP game can easily run you double that of an iPhone game.

In the end it really just comes down to a matter of preference.  You’d be crazy to recommend the iPhone over the PSP to any hardcore gamer and just as nuts to recommend a PSP for the average guy looking to kill a few minutes in line at Starbucks.  I believe that there is much room for both platforms in the mobile gaming world. It’s all about who can innovate and connect more with gamers.

Do you think the PSP has what it takes to beat an app based platform? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Top 10 Back To School Anime List

The new school session is right around the corner and so why not get into the spirit of things by watching some school related animes!

This is my top 10 back to school anime list.

1. Love Hina

2. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

3. Kare Kano

4. Great Teacher Onizuka

5. Cromartie High School

6. Ouran High School Host Club

7. School Rumble

8. Azumanga Daioh

9. Clannad

10. Lucky Star

Gaming News Update August 16, 2010